BridgesXR Metaverse Solution


BridgesXR is a unique, data driven collaboration space for Government and Enterprise operations. BridgesXR is designed as an add-on interface to existing data services to enable secure remote collaborative viewing and interaction.  It isn’t just about presentations and social interaction.  The technology enables data from real systems, simulated platforms or digital twins to be visualized and manipulated for design, planning or real-time operations as well as providing operational control to real world objects via the Internet of Things (IoT). BridgesXR can uniquely power an ideal next generation Operations Room.

BridgesXR can visualize huge data sets that instantly reveal important trends and patterns.   As well as a server-to-server interfacing, BridgesXR allows gateways into existing real-time data communications networks such as the Automatic Identification System (AIS), Tactical Data Links (TDL), simulation protocols (such as DIS and HLA) and more. Unlock the power of data and share it with the team.

The application also allows interaction with systems and data that remain in the real world.  Imagine being able to re-direct a real vehicle by dragging the virtual model to a new location in XR. 


  • Chat message system
  • Live Web content on virtual screens
  • PDF and PPT documents on virtual screens
  • Integrated STANAG 4609 streaming video
  • Web Tile Map Services (WTMS) streaming terrain
  • Live voice
  • Customizable 3D Avatars
  • 100+ concurrent users per server (scaled to your needs)
  • Live UAV video streams directly onto the terrain
  • Multiple User Configurable Rooms
  • Web Tile Map Services (WMTS) support.  Terrain streaming from classified or unclassified sources
  • Can be used in closed networks not on the Internet
  • Import 3D models


  • Tethered VR Headset for classified networks (when wifi is not an option)
  • Untethered wifi standalone
  • 5G cell network enabled

Network Gateways:

  • Link16
  • DIS v6 compliant
  • AIS
  • NATO Vector Graphics (NVG)

Data layers

  • User configurable layers
  • Select and deselect layers to declutter or focus situational awareness
  • Radar coverage domes
  • NATO APP-6D symbology
  • Air space visualization
  • Customized for your needs
  • Heat map support
  • Air space visualization – Air Control Orders (ACO)
  • Customized for your needs

Use Cases:

  • Operations Centers
  • Concept development, exploration and validation
  • Decision Support
  • Tactical/Command Staff Training
  • Experimentation and Virtual Prototyping
  • Sensor simulation
  • Digital Twin Visualization
  • Health sector

Download Information:

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